Would you Purchase Lace Closure Sew in Hair Extensions Piece?

Lace closures are unique hairpieces in which each hair strands are tied onto a piece of lace. The laces are either beige or dark brown. Lace closures extensions are sold in different sizes but the most common are four inches wide by four inches deep. The purpose of a closure is to allow the wearer to have a full sew in or wig without leaving any hair out but still be able to wear a part with the scalp showing. This also carries out the purpose of a lace front or wig. When the closure is attached to your wig or braided hair, the wearer is able to part the hair in her choice of direction due to the fact that the strands of hair are hand tied to the lace; knots are created at the base of it.

Features of Sew in Closure Piecesew-in-closure

  1. It has baby hair at the front so it makes your natural hairline look better;
  2. The base of the closure is made of Swiss lace for the ultimate comfort;
  3. It is unprocessed and made up of natural hair, so it can be bleached and dyed. You can also curl, straighten and wash it;
  4. Brazilian sew in with lace closure is made with 100% Brazilian virgin hair, enabling it to blend with your natural hair. Brazilian sew in closure is also a good way of covering thin hair at the area on top of the head, where the weft hair is sewn/bonded, to give the hairstyle a nice finished look.

How to take care of Lace Closure Piece

  1. Wash hair with conditioner to retain moisture and sheen;
  2. Do not twist the hair;
  3. Comb the moist hair gently with a wide toothed comb and dry naturally;
  4. Avoid using styling products to maintain the hair piece and keep it healthy;
  5. Use essential products e.g. heat protectant, finishing spray.

How to Sew in a Lace Closure Hair Extensions

  1. Mark the area where you want to place the close, separate your hair in a vertical way to create a natural part line and proceed to cornrow your hair neatly to your satisfaction;
  2. Place the close on your head and sew in tightly along the weaving wedge and around the lace surrounding the pad to finish the look. Cut off any excess lace;
  3. Weave it up to the chosen part area.

The following video just lovely demonstrate how to sew in your hair lace closure piece with trick. If you have no clue on how to complete, please do not miss this video tutorial, it is rated as one of most popular videos on hair beauty channel.

Best Selling full head sew in weave Piece with closure from Rosee

These Rosee’s sew in lace closure all made with unprocessed virgin human hair plus premium Swiss lace and feature 4 by 4 inch square size on the top, natural black straight hair texture. Additionally, Rosee’s hair piece closure has the medium to high density which provide well protection on your natural hair by covering your natural exposure. A proper lace closure piece can enhance your hair style and overall appearance. Rosee takes this into consideration and present you suitable lace hair closure specially tailored for your closure needs. Over 130% density can give you best natural blend with your own hair. Rosee has other weave texture with lace sew in closure, so if you would like other waved texture, please do not miss other related listing from Rosee shop.



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